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Q. How do I register interest for the next round of NPQs?
A. You can register your interest here .

Q. When will I hear if have been successful?
A. We aim to let you know within two days of your application being submitted via the Ambition Institute website.

Q. Where can I find out more information about the Reformed NPQs?
A. You can find more information from the Ambition Institute website here , however, please register your interest directly with us here

Q. How long will the programme last?
A. Specialist NPQs (Leading Teaching/Leading Behaviour & Culture/Leading Teacher Development/Leading Literacy/ Early Years Leadership) take place over 12 months
    Leadership NPQs (Senior Leadership/Headship) take place over 18 months. 

Q. Will I need time out of school?
A. Conferences are all day events, and so you will need to free all day. 
    Clinics and Communities take place at 15:30 to minimise cover required. Most of these are online, however, one or two will be face to face. NPQH aims to have more face to face clinics where possible.