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Fetch Me a Pen! – Writing Course for Teachers in London

Craig works very closely with our school leaders to improve teaching and learning and pupil outcomes across the Boleyn Schools. The central aim of the school improvement service is to impact positively and directly on the quality of teaching and learning by supporting the school improvement priorities of all Trust schools.

As Director of the Boleyn Trust Teaching School, Craig is able to dovetail our Trust school improvement work with a wider offering for our 40 alliance partners and beyond to other schools and MATs locally and nationally.

The aims of the programme are to:
• Increase teachers’ knowledge, skills and confidence around academic literacy and writing in order to improve teaching methods
• Create resources that will improve the delivery of lessons on writing in specific subjects and across the curriculum
• Increase student knowledge, skills and confidence around writing, in turn improving levels of progress and attainment
• Embed academic literacy work into schools’ departments and curriculums, and to develop a shared vocabulary about academic language, grammar and writing
• Evaluate work in order to judge its impact and inform future steps.