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Frequently Asked Questions


     Please see the links below to answer some of your questions, and some of our more frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to your question, then please contact us 

     Q.  We have Year 2 ECTs that are joining in September from another programme, what happens for them?

  •  An ECT starting at your school after completing Year 1 of a full induction programme at another school, and with
    another provider, must move to the programme that the receiving school is running. They would therefore transfer to Ambition for your school.
  • If they are starting at your school and they have completed Year 1 of the Ambition programme elsewhere we can    have their records transferred over to your school.

     Q.  Is the DfE Portal Registration is for 'new to our school ECTs'

     Q.   Should we be re-registering the Year 2 ECT's who are currently here?

  • No, there's no need to re-register Year 2, but they should all be on the DfE portal anyway aleady.

    Q.   Would our January starter be impacted?

  • No – but they should be registered since Jan on the DfE portal anyway.

    Q.   Likewise, do we need to re-register Year 2's with the appropriate body or do they roll over?

  • You only register them at the beginning of the 2 years, for the whole two years.