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Useful links

Guidance for Schools 

Early Career Framework

Induction, training and support for early career teachers (new) support-for-early-career-teachers-ects

Changes to statutory induction for early career teachers (updated) early-career-teachers-ects 

How the Early Career Framework supports induction (new) induction 

Funding and Eligibility for ECF based training (Updated) 

Guidance for Schools/School induction tutors: ECF based training (new) manage-ecf-based-training

Guidance for Early Career Teachers: ECF based training (new) ecf-based-training 

Guidance for mentors: how to support ECF-based training (new) ecf-based-training 

The Manage training for early career teachers service itself still has the step-by-step guide / checklist for setting up the training  programme: 


Guidance on National Professional Qualifications (updated) qualifications-npqs-reforms/national-professional-qualifications-npqs-reforms 

Professional Development for Teachers and Leaders: Overview of NPQs (new) https://professional-development-for-teachers 

What the Early Headship Coaching offer is (new) teaching 

Register for an NPQ (Updated)