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How the Course will be assessed

To be awarded Qualified Teacher Status you will be required to provide evidence that you have met the Teachers’ Standards by the Summer Term, the ITT Core Content Framework will support you to do this. 

The ITT Core Content Framework – as with the Early Career Framework (ECF) – has been designed to support trainee development in 5 core areas – behaviour management, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and professional behaviours. In order to ensure congruence with the 8 Teachers’ Standards, the ITT Core Content Framework is presented in 8 sections. In developing the framework, behaviour management is addressed in High Expectations and Managing Behaviour (S1 and S7); pedagogy is addressed in How Pupils Learn, Classroom Practice and Adaptive Teaching (S2, S4, S5); and curriculum, assessment and professional behaviours are addressed in S3, S6 and S8 respectively.

The ITT Core Content Framework sets out two types of content – mirroring the ECF. Within each area, key evidence statements (‘Learn that…’) have been drawn from current high-quality evidence from the UK and overseas. These ‘Learn that…’ statements are deliberately the same as the ‘Learn that…’ statements in the ECF because the full entitlement – across both initial teacher training and early career development – for new entrants to the profession is underpinned by the evidence of what makes great teaching. A full bibliography is provided with suggested reading, which can be shared with trainee teachers to support their critical engagement with research. This evidence includes high-quality reviews and syntheses, including meta-analyses and rigorous individual studies.

 In addition, the ITT Core Content Framework details practice statements (‘Learn how to…’) based on the practice statements in the ECF, but altered so they are appropriate for initial teacher training. Drawing on the expertise of the Expert Advisory Group, these ‘Learn how to…’ statements have been sorted into two categories. These categories define an entitlement to practise key skills as well as an opportunity to work with and learn from expert colleagues as they apply their knowledge and understanding of the evidence in the classroom.


  • Assessment will be based on observations, feedback and action steps and your practice against the Teacher Standards, using the ITT Core Content Framework.
  • Tutors will visit every half-term to support you and formatively assess your progress. Once in the Spring and Summer term there will be a summative assessment when you will be expected to orally present your progress against the 5 areas in the ITT Core Content Framework, to show your progress towards the Teacher Standards
  • Trainees use a portal to communicate and show evidence of weekly meetings,  observations and weekly reflections from Centre Based Training to support your professional dialogue with your Mentor

For those undertaking the PGCE programme, you will attend the University of East London twice a term and will be given additional time for reading to complete two assignments set by the University of East London.