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Fetch Me a Pen!

This is a programme that accelerate rates of progress for secondary pupils, through improving the subject knowledge of teachers to teach higher order literacy and academic writing skills across the curriculum. The programme will close the gap between FSM and non FSM pupil attainment.

Subject teachers will be taught how to explicitly teach extended academic writing at word, sentence and text level and to embed practice into schemes of learning.

This will rapidly improve the quality of pupils' extended academic writing. Teachers’ own knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar will be addressed so that they can identify, correct and teach literacy in their own subjects with greater confidence and accuracy.

As a result: Pupils become independent, intellectual writers: they are able to write with a confident voice and style, with less scaffolding from the teacher, thereby achieving higher grades.

  • Pupils become more articulate and able to access and interpret more challenging and sophisticated texts.
  • All subject teachers teach literacy confidently, accurately, explicitly and consistently across the curriculum.
  • Pupils have greater success at KS4, KS5 and higher education as a result of this work. 

We aim to start the programme for interested participants in December.

More information to follow.